The world as we know it, had paused for a moment, perhaps changed forever. While commontality can be found in emotions and opinions. We all experienced the Covid-19 situation differently, as it had inpacted our lives in different ways. A photo serie where I captured the way covid has altered people’s lives.

George Floyd’s murder led to worldwide protest
against police brutality, police racism and lack of police accountablity. I captured images during a peacefull protest in Utrecht, The Netherlands in the same year.

Model Shoot at SiralShots Studio’s for ‘Bundle of
Inches’, an online wig and hair extensions platform.

Keti koti, (sranang tongo: the chain is cut or the chain is broken) is an annual celebration on 1 juli
that marks emancipation day in Surinam. This serie is shot during the covid pandemic in 2020, when there was no yearly celebration and an private remembrance.

Model shoot at SiralShots Studio’s for
‘Melanin Beauty Cosmetics’. Photo’s for website based on different curly hairtypes.

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